Vizor Interactive

Vizor Interactive is a leading international developer of multiplayer games for browser, social networks, and mobile platforms.


The main development center is our company's Minsk office. It is here where we provide support for all our projects, generate new ideas and carry them out.

Zombie Island (Zombie Farm), our first social project, had a flying start. 3 months after its release, the project was already firmly a top 5 game application of Vkontakte social network. Today, Zombie Island is played by millions of people worldwide.

The accumulated experience combined with fresh ideas and coordinated teamwork did their part: our next game, Klondike, became a top application in social networks right after release. The game immediately became a top application in social networks. Klondike has reached a million installs in Vkontakte in less than two months. It's hard to find a similar game with better graphic design and economy.

Loyalty: Knights and Brides broadened the definition of what a social game could be. The game offers its players to choose their own gameplay model; their interactions with other players affect the course of events. The project defines itself as the first truly social game. Play and see it for yourself...


Vizor Interactive is reputed to be an employee-friendly company. Here’s what we offer to our staff:

  1. Opportunity for professional development in a fun young team in a cool office;
  2. Corporate drawing lessons and English courses at company’s expense;
  3. Free breakfasts for early risers;
  4. Corporate swimming-pool lane, football field rental for Vizor Interactive team, bowling, as well as seasonal events, such as karting, squash, and curling;
  5. Reimbursement of professional literature costs; Corporate and external seminars, courses, and conferences;
  6. Corporate events, such as company’ birthday celebration, parties dedicated to release and anniversaries of projects, New Year parties where spouses and partners are welcome;
  7. Employee referrals rewards;
  8. A fully-equipped game room with a huge plasma TV, joysticks, steering wheel, pedals, etc.