Best Web Game 2015

Pavel Bushuev, 9 December 2015

In order to celebrate another year of gaming, Facebook has pleased gamers and developers with the announcement of 2015 Games of the Year. Free-to-play social and economic simulation game Knights & Brides that debuted on Facebook Gaming Platform this September is named among the Best Web Games 2015.

Facebook’s mission is to make the world more open and connected; and games is one of the medium the company is pursuing, providing developers with access to the 1.55 billion audience that visit Facebook on a monthly basis. This year, 22 games released in 2015 got their deserved recognition for being most discussed on social media, for their players’ retention rates, overall scores, level of player engagement, and integration of Facebook gaming products among the other criteria.

Knights & Brides is undoubtedly one of the most engaging games on Facebook due to its unique mechanics that features two different gameplays depending on the gender and character selected and 3 different ways of social gaming: solo, couple, and interaction with multiple players. The game is set in a fairytale kingdom with a social hierarchy, rivalry and romance. Player’s who choose a female character are running the household, while males are fighting in jousts, until the two meet each other and form a gaming couple. That’s when the entire social potential of the game unfolds. To promote that couple mode, designers added unique content and features available exclusively to couples.

This is the second time in a row Vizor Interactive product makes it to the top games on Facebook. Last year, Klondike: The Lost Expedition hit Facebook's 2014 Best New Games list. Klondike is a story of a young man in search of his father lost in the middle of Alaska in Gold-rush times. The protagonist’s travels are challenging and hard, yet rewarding as he eventually finds the traces of his father’s expedition. Picturesque locations, thrilling adventures and charismatic characters won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of player on Facebook. Noteworthy, Klondike is still on the top positions of Facebook game charts.


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