Knights & Brides released on Facebook

Julia Karostik , 3 September 2015

Knights & Brides, a free-to-play economic and social simulator by Vizor Interactive, launched on Facebook September 3. The game features two different gameplays depending on the character chosen, male or female. Additional extensive functionality adds up when two characters begin to play as a couple.

Knights & Brides is a social game set in a fairytale kingdom. Six characters are available, three male and three female; each with a different appearance and initial benefits. As a couple, two players can enjoy the advantage of competing with other players, fighting for titles, and climbing up the hierarchical ladder.

The plot resembles a detective story. The protagonist is an adopted child whose parents died under mysterious circumstances. In order to solve the mystery of the past, the player fights for power and influence in the Magic Kingdom. The lady is running the household and the knight is fighting in jousts until one day they find each other and start to play together for triumph and glory. That’s when the entire social potential of the game unfolds.

The bride learns to cook dishes for her brave knight to boost his strength in combat, while the knight dedicates victories to his lady and wins her glory. Besides their duties, fiancés may also spend their leisure time together playing the exciting in-built mini games. As your relationship grows in strength, the two will earn new titles, expand the estates, win new and develop previously conquered lands.

Launched on major Russian social networks in 2014, the game has reached the top ranking positions ( - 1st place, - 3rd place) with over 5 million installs, the number growing rapidly. Players’ feedback shows they enjoy the game’s high-quality graphics and picturesque setting, as well as a new and unique challenge. Knights & Brides’ average rating is 4.5. The game is currently available on Facebook in English; German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian versions to be launched soon.

At Vizor Interactive we believe that everyone wants to take care of someone and be cared for in return. Therefore our purpose was to design a game that creates a rewarding fairytale relationship.

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