Pavel Kapustenok, 21 October 2014

Now we have our own world champion. We wouldn’t even know about it if it hadn’t been for the Internet, where we read the news that our colleague Egor Ilyin won the first prize in the Animation category at Blizzardfest.

What is Blizzardfest? It’s an international contest whose main goal is to give designers from all around the world a great opportunity to show their talent and professional skills. The participants get a chance to try their imagination and to show their mastery to a full extent before a team of professional game judges. If you want to learn more about it, follow the link: http://www.gameartisans.org/festchallenges/blizzardfest/

Anyone can participate in the contest. All they need to do first is to join one of the seven major CG-art forums. Egor represented ARTTalk.ru, a leading CG art website for Russian-speaking designers and the greatest topic resource in Ukraine. By the way, this Blizzardfest was the most successful for the Russian-speaking forum: they won 8 prizes.

Egor is modest about his achievement, but there’s a pleased smile on his face when he’s talking about it.

No-one important: So, how many times have you tried to reach the tops of such kind? I mean contests in general.

Egor: it was the first time. Really. Of course, some people invited me to take part in different contests before, but I wasn’t passionate about such things back then. This time, I decided to go with our girls to keep them company. Did you know that Lera and Sasha took part there, too? In 2D art category. So, it was them who talked me into this, actually…

No-one important: Weren’t you scared to participate in a contest of such scale?

Egor: What is there to be scared of? All people start to tremble at hearing the word Blizzard in the contest’s title. Actually, it wasn’t a big deal. I’d even say that the Blizzards had nothing to do with the contest. We just used their massive universe, their characters, that’s all. I think that there was no one from Blizzard among the judges. In general, the organization of the contest is not as great as it used to be. Even though I didn’t participate in the previous contests, I followed them closely. There used to be more participants; discussions were livelier; the atmosphere of the event was different. Now it became sort of quieter… There were some troubles both with deadlines and the awards. Yet people from the forum say that the next contest will be far better. More epic.

No-one important: I noticed some sort of similarity between one of the characters in your video and your favorite hero from Soul Calibur. Was it an inspiration for your animation?

Egor: No, it wasn’t. I just love different ninja. Fast movements, rapid smashes, combos, jumps… My main character is a blood elf from the Blizzard Universe (Valeera Sanguinar). One of the competition conditions was to use Blizzard characters. By the way, about the rules: we were told to create a 10 second video with a final combo. There were lots of outcries as to whether it’s at all possible to make a good entry that short. In the end, nothing was changed and everybody had to comply. There were some people who uploaded one more video besides the main one; then another bonus video. And a fourth one, changed and edited. I think the judges didn’t like it since the rules clearly stated that there should be only one video and it has to be 10 seconds long. Some people took the wrong characters; others didn’t think over the script and created a simple scuffle... Eventually, everything ended in a way it was to end…

No-one important: How long did it take you to create the animation?

Egor: Around three months. I redid it a few times. Well, you know how it works. I disliked some things, added something to others or changed them completely… The hard thing was that I work with the software that is rarely used, that is not mainstream. So, it’s rather difficult to find good tutorials and I had to do everything myself. Sometimes it can be time consuming.

No-one important: So what’s the plan for the future?

Egor: The most prestigious content for me is Dominance War. I’d love to take a shot there. I’ve got some experience now and became more confident. And, what’s more important, I love animation and everything connected to it.